Frequently Asked Questions

Our most common questions are answered below.

Frequently Asked Questions


On the right hand side of the main property page you will find an enquiry form. Please fill this in and it will be sent directly to the owners. The owners contact details are also displayed under the enquiry form if you would rather contact them by telephone / email. Accessatlast take no booking fee - we are here to simply put you in touch with the property owners.

The owner account enables property owners to list and manage their rental accommodation via the website.

User accounts are for for visitors to the website. A user account is only required if you wish to leave a comment on a blog, add a property to your 'favourites' or leave a review for a property.

No. We do not get involved in any booking details or fees. You deal directly with the owner to organise your booking arrangements and fees

If you are suspicious of a property listed on our website as not being accurate or fake. Please use the "Report This Property" button found on the right hand column on every propety page. We will investigate and take action where neccessary.


For a 12 month property listing it's just £59.00. Renewals are not automatic - once the listing period ends you will need to renew your listing period. A reminder will be sent out to you via email before the expiry date.

Using your owner account you can create and manage as many property listings as you wish.

Your account details will not be deleted but your property listing details, property reviews and property bookings will be deleted if you do not renew after 30 days of your expiry date.

Yes. In your "Profile" settings at the bottom of the page is a "DELETE MY ACCOUNT" button. Once you click this it will ask your to confirm if you wish to go ahead. If you do confirm all your data (including property listings) will be permanently deleted. We cannot recover any of the data if you decide to delete your account.

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