Rewards Program

Get paid for recommending accessible property

Rewards Program

Sign-up as a user to get your affiliate code.

If you know of any accessible properties anywhere in the world it might be worth you letting them know about accessatlast. If the owner of the property signs-up and uses your affiliate code we will reward you based on the sign-up period.

To get your affiliate code you just need to register as a user. Once you login to your account your affiliate code will be displayed on-screen.

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Sign-up Period Reward
3 Months £10.00
6 Months £20.00
12 Months £30.00

Rewards FAQ

Is there any limit?

No - there is no limit to how many property owners you sign-up with your code.

Do I get paid when the owner renews their sign-up period.

Yes - even if the property owner does not use your code you will get rewarded, as long as they initially used your code to sign-up.

How do I get a code?

Sign-up as a user and once you login to your account your code will be displayed on-screen.

How do I see if any owners have joined using my code?

In your user area menu you will see the option "Affiliate Progam".

How do I get paid?

In your user area you can add your bank details securely so we can pay you by bank transfer or if you perfer we can send you a cheque.

When do I get paid?

We will send out paymemnts at the end of each month.

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