Thanks a million accessatlast!

18th November 2005

Dear StephenThank you for making the task of finding a hotel in London with wheelchair access at such late notice, such plain sailing!Kindest Regards, Rachael (Crawley, UK)...
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Aidingmobility working for the disabled motorist!

1st November 2005

Aiding Mobility really care about your mobility needs. Aiding Mobility has evolved following three years of research into the motoring needs of drivers, in particular the unique needs of disabled drivers. Our research has resulted in a range of mobility products and services, which we believe are the most attractive in the marketplace. The concept behind Aiding Mobility is very simple, the products detailed on this website are of benefit to every type of motorist and are supplied at competitive prices by industry leading service providers. These companies have agreed that in addition to providing quality products, they will, upon completion of any purchase pass on a "royalty" to the charity specified by the purchaser. These royalties can be as much as £35.00 depending...
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Why don't they get it?

19th October 2005

I recently read an article on the BBC website which was written by Tanni Grey-Thompson for OUCH! discussing the absence of disability in mainstream advertising campaigns.  Which got me thinking “Why don’t businesses get it?”   We get bombarded daily with fresh, new and exciting advertising campaigns that more often then not leave us wondering, “What was that all about?”    I look forward to the day a company picks up the proverbial ball and runs with marketing disability in an exciting, funny and informative format!  I have personally been asked on occasion; during social and business events, if I can do the same as those guys on the BBC advert!  I reply, “What?  Go round in circles?”    On the upside, if one simple a...
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The first UK all-inclusive hotel? Open for business!

20th September 2005

The St Annes Hotel opened it doors to the public for the first time on August the 26th following a visit from the Minister for the Disabled Ann McGuire. The hotel is the first of its kind in the country to provide luxury accessible accommodation that has been designed by the Disability Rights Commission and main organisations such as the R.N.I.B Clare Winbolt the Operations Manager for the hotel quotes ‘ The hotel is fast becoming Britain’s Flagship hotel in providing first class accessible accommodation that caters for everyone, we have installed the latest equipment and technology to make your holiday practical and fun. The hotel is now open and we are offering great deals on all breaks including festive breaks and themed weeks throughout the year. Our reservation team can be ...
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Swap houses with other disabled people!

26th August 2005 is a new enterprise enabling disabled people to travel more freely has been launched by a group of friends frustrated by lack of choice. A new enterprise enabling disabled people to travel more freely has been launched by a group of friends frustrated by lack of choice. Called Matching Houses, the project is based on the established principle of house swapping but has been adapted to suit the needs of disabled people by offering a website ( to bring people with the same or similar accessibility requirements together. The concept is the brainchild of Theo Blackmore, who is currently doing a PhD in Disability Studies at Exeter University and has had Multiple Sclerosis for over 10 years. He got togethe...
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No room at the Inn

3rd August 2005

The hotel industry is failing disabled people The UK’s leading hotel groups are failing to accommodate disabled people, a new survey by disability charity Leonard Cheshire has found. Thirty hotels across nine groups were surveyed in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for Leonard Cheshire’s No Room at the Inn report and results show that for many hotel companies disabled access is far from a priority. Three of the nine hotel groups surveyed performed particularly badly, scoring only 13.7 (the Moat House), 14 (Ramada Jarvis) and 14.3 (Best Western) out of a possible 27 points (or 51%, 52% and 53% respectively). The Thistle was the top scoring group, with 22.7 out of 27 points (84%). The remaining groups surveyed were the Holiday Inn, Marriott, Premier Travel ...
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Fly drive to Florida fore the disabled Yipee!

1st August 2005

I booked our holiday with, They were brilliant! they sorted me a villa, hoist, shower chair and car hire in a matter of a day. I'm so excited about going on my holiday knowing everythink will run smoothly, I'll definately use again in the future. With Many Thanks to everyone at accessatlast! Nikki (Birmingham) ...
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20th July 2005

Helping to make life even more accessible for its customers accessatlast limited have a new booking arrangement with Intercontinental hotels. accessatlast limited customers are now able to book direct with the ‘Express by Holiday Inn’ hotels and other Intercontinental hotels by simply clicking from the site. The customer gets to take advantage of the best daily rates and a effortless on-line booking process “I am very excited for our customers”, said Stephen Pritchard, Managing Director, “it’s not just a value added service but further confirmation to our customers that we are breaking down the barriers of accessibility and cost when travelling!”...
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Access at last on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal

3rd April 2005

The Rose of Parbold Treat yourself to a fantastic day out on a 60 ft long, wide beam, canal barge designed specifically to meet the needs of the disabled and anyone with mobility restrictions. The ramp entry (770mm wide) and open plan design permits wheelchair access throughout the boat. There is an accessible toilet (840mm Wide) onboard, a level access shower and fully equipped galley. The seating converts into bunks for overnight use and the boat is centrally heated. The barge is operated by the Rose of Parbold Association, a small registered charity, and is crewed entirely by unpaid volunteers. Regular clients include disabled groups, day centres and nursing homes. The barge is based at Parbold and day trips generally range as f...
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The first UK all-inclusive hotel?

20th March 2005

A touch of class!   As a company we are committed to searching for and reviewing new and exciting projects throughout the UK that aim to bridge the gap between accessibility and inclusiveness with today’s society.   The St Annes Hotel, Lancashire has certainly done its homework.  The person behind this vision is Clare Winbolt. Clare has liaised with many organisations including the DRC (Disability Rights Commission), RNID & RNIB to understand what is actually required to provide an inclusive hotel rather than making any assumptions.   I can honestly say, to date, this is a one off hotel!  Imagine my surprise when I opened the hotel brochure and read statements like:   “No matter what your disability, we are here to help you relax and...
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In respect to the men I had the Privilege to work with

7th February 2005

       WE WILL REMEMBER THEM                       It is with great sadness that we have to announce the loss of one of our aircraft   Sunday 30th January 2005   A Hercules aircraft, based at Royal Air Force Lyneham, is believed to have crashed some 30 kilometres north-west of Baghdad at approximately 1635hrs local (Iraqi) time. The Hercules was on a flight between Baghdad International Airport and Balad airbase.   Monday 31st January 2005   It is with great sadness that we have to announce the loss of one of our aircraft. The aircraft crashed in Northern Iraq at 1635hrs Iraqi time on Sunday. Our t...
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Accessatlast Launch Travel Services to the Business Market

7th February 2005

The launch of accessatlast limited's travel management desk brings leading experts in the delivery of accessible travel services to the business market. The company prides itself on being able to support the needs of all organisations from small family run concerns to large multi-nationals.              Services Offered   Extensive database of fully accessible hotels which provide accommodation suitable for all your employees Research team to source further hotels meeting your company’s requirements Provision of living accessories through our network of tested 3rd party providers Corporate events   Benefits   One-stop shop for ALL your employees’ accommodation needs Access to our helpful ...
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Nigel and friends enjoy New Year in London Atlast

7th February 2005

New Year Eve – Nigel made the conscious decision to do something different, he wanted a break from the norm and that’s exactly what accessatlast helped Nigel and his friends do!  This is his story…   I began looking at going to London with a few friends for New Years Eve way back in August ’04 as most of you will know, trying to find a hotel with adequate wheelchair accessible facilities can be a hard task at the best of times and even though the new DDA (Disability Discrimination Act 1995) had already come into effect, most disabled rooms in majority of hotels still have a bath tub and for me this is unacceptable.   After many hours searching the Internet, exchanging emails between web sites and different hotels I eventually found www.accessatlast....
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Reunited Atlast - Rita and Bill after 50 years!

22nd January 2005

Here is the extraordinary story of a love kept alive for 50 years. All that time ago I became engaged to Bill whom I loved dearly. For the very trivial reason that he smoked, I broke the engagement off - I really could not stand the smell! After that, we both married someone else and Bill and his wife immigrated to Canada. Many years went by with absolutely no contact between us at all, apart from news from mutual friends. In 1992 my husband died and a few years later I wrote my annual letter to the mutual friends saying that I wondered what my life would have been like had Bill not smoked. Eventually these friends went on holiday to Canada and spent a few days with Bill and his family and mentioned that I had written to them and what I had said. Some time went by and then on April 3rd ...
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Supplying disabled people with ‘Peace of Mind’

5th October 2004

  As we know there is nothing more stressful and uncomfortable than going away and not knowing what to expect when we arrive at a hotel, guest house or holiday complex. Is there a level access shower Do they have a shower chair? Is there a bath? Will my hoist get under the bed? Eventually, we then make a decision to go away and take the risk! Take a gamble! You no longer need to take that gamble. accessatlast are committed to alleviating that stress people feel and experience when travelling away. We offer our customers the facility to hire shower chairs, hoists and if you need something different, let us know and we will do our best to find what you need. Call us on our local rate number 0845 890 2120, we are here to help!...
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What the DDA means to hoteliers...

25th September 2004

Like all good hoteliers you want your guests to have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. You treat them with courtesy and respect. From the 1 October 2004 the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) will require you to make “reasonable adjustments” to your premises and services to ensure that any disabled guests are, as far as is practically possible, able to enjoy the facilities and services you already provide to able customers. The definition of disability in the Act is very wide ranging and many of you will already have experience of disabled guests. The majority of disabled people are not wheelchair users, more common disabilities include: hearing and visual impairments, restricted mobility and heart conditions. You need to consider the full spectrum of disability when deciding what ch...
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Touring Scotland in a wheelchair

22nd August 2004

Blessed with the hottest week of the summer 2003 the Accessatlast team set off to invesigate hotels which we had been advised had suitable disabled facilities for independent wheelchair users. The tour started at the Warkwork House Hotel in Warkwork a beautiful village on the North East coast only 30 miles from Newcastle. Once through the slightly challenging car park entrance there were no issues entering or moving around the hotel. The owner converted two rooms several years ago and assures us he can arrange to provide almost any accessories (hoists etc) given adequate notice. Day 2 saw us heading for Glasgow to visit an old friend before travelling on day 3 to Gleneagles. As you would expect the facilities at Gleneagles are fabulous but after a tour of the rooms and a light lunch we ...
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Supplying services to our customers

3rd August 2004 are to launch a world-wide survey to find out what their customers want in more detail, to ensure that they continue to develop the services no-one else is are focused on their customers and what their customers want. Over the coming months they intend to launch various new services that will take them nearer Stephen's vision of a one-stop shop for people with physical challenges who want to go on holiday, attend business meetings and travel, but have specific requirements that need to be met to ensure they can have a comfortable stay. Stephen's vision and determination stems from his own frustration at having to go to business meetings at venues that did not cater for him. He stayed at many hotels and venues advertising disabled facilities bu...
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