Promoting accessible accommodation, Palm Tree Cottage

As discussed in our last blog one of the best ways of improving your disabled accommodation online presence, is by using search engine optimisation (SEO).

There are other things you will need to consider as well.

We think the best way to show you this is by working with one of our clients and blogging about the improvements to their webpage, as they happen.

We have chosen the property  Palm Tree Cottage in Shoreham by Sea and will be working with Trevor, the property owner, using our free customer tools to improve the cottage's online visibility.

First let’s have a look at what the property currently looks like to someone accessing the webpage.


Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 14.59.28


As you can see the photos on the left need some updating to better reflect the wheelchair accessibility of the cottage. Some of  the photos currently displayed have also been duplicated and some are sideways on, which doesn’t give a good, professional impression.

So first I’ve asked Trevor to take some photos from around the property that clearly show the entrance, the level access shower, the living room, bedroom, kitchen and outside area.

Imagery is vitally important, that first impression someone gets when they access your property online can be the make or break as to whether they continue to read on and book.

We advise

  • that you take at least 8 good shots from around your property,
  • each of a high resolution, so the image is clear.
  • You might want to add a shot of the view, especially if it’s a view of the sea or the countryside.

People like to envisage themselves in the place they are travelling too, so make the photos warm and inviting.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 16.06.49

Above, you can see the side ways photo of the bedroom shows two unmade beds, small details like this can matter. Add cushions, ornaments, bedding to improve the welcoming aspect of your photo.

I’ve asked Trevor to take some new photo shots from around his disabled accommodation, showing how wheelchair friendly it is, I will upload the these new images for you to see in my next blog.

We will then move onto to the interesting topic of search engine optimisation, continuing to look at Palm Tree Cottage and how we can improve its text and articles to improve online traffic.


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