Molift Smart Travel Bag

The Molift Smart 150 Soft Travel Bag is now available to buy in the UK.

Molift is well known for its superb lifting and handling product design concepts.

The jewel in the crown is the Molift Smart 150 Travel Hoist which remains the lightest and easiest to use mobile folding hoist.

The key benefit of the Molift Smart 150 is that it gives any wheelchair user the ability to travel away from home with peace of mind, as the hoist is light, easily mobile and extremely durable, meaning that those with physical disabilites who are highly dependent on being lifted in and out of bed are supported on holiday.

The previous version of the Molift Smart Bag was reasonable but not easy to fit around the hoist. However the new Molift Smart Soft Travel Bag has been developed to near perfection. This new travel bag is not only easy to fit, but comparatively compact at only L 45 x W 30 x H 20cm when stored away, and is really light, weighing a minimal 2.7kg. See video below:

The Scandinavian design team have really thought this through, including simple additions like storage pockets for the hoist battery and charger. The zipper is substantial and slides easily, the wheels on the bag roll smoothly.

However, the Molift Smart Soft Travel Bag is a soft case, so if our customers are taking the Molift Smart 150 on an aircraft, we would strongly recommend using the Molift Smart Hard Case.

molift smart case

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