Hotels with a wet room for wheelchair users

There are more Hotels with a wet room for wheelchair users to easily access now than ever before.  Leading chains like Holiday Inn Express, Premier Inn, Ibis Hotels, Travel Lodge, Days Inn, Hilton Hotels, Mercure Hotels and others are making travelling away from home easier.

The wet rooms are being designed with not only the wheelchair in mind but other aids people with disabilities require.  There are rooms with ceiling track hoists, beds have been

premierinn fleet bed and shower chair

Premierinn Fleet, bed and shower chair

changed from standard devans to a framed bed.  This enables people who travel with a portable hoist to get into bed safely as the hoist needs to get its legs under the bed.

The rooms are more spacious as some of the modern electric wheelchair are a considerable size.  Doors are being made 80cm (800mm) wide to further assist access into the wet room and en-suite shower.

Many of us have the issue of the dreaded raised toilet.  If like me, you use a shower chair/commode and need to get over the toilet, it's not possible with these and sadly leaves only one option, bring a bowl (yet another peice of kit to carry around).

There are frustrations however.  There is no consistency when it comes to accessible bedrooms in hotels.  Whether its carpet type, bed height, toilet type, soil pipe on toilet has not been extended to allow a shower chair to reverse over the toilet, shower head type, shower head pipe length so you can reach your bottom or the actual height!

Really frustrating when you have an off day, forget to check, jump in shower chair, do what ya need to do, head for shower and it's 7' in the air, no way of reaching!  Grrr!

Hotels with a wet room for wheelchair users to easily accessHowever, more recently I have had some great experiences.  The Premier Inns have been very consistent.  I have stayed in Fleet, Wrexham, Manchester and Leeds.  All a delight and what a great pleasure, to wake and confidently have a shower in  the wet room after a night out!

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