Accessible beach holiday in Italy

When it comes to developing an accessible beach holiday in Italy, one true pioneer was Salvatore and Ellen Avagliano.  In the 70's Salvatore and his Wife created Centro Ferie Salvatore a small Oasis in the South of Italy where a person with a disability can experience a relaxing beach holiday!

There are very few places in the world a wheelchair user can actually get down to the beach, transfer onto a Sunbed and take in the Sun, with volunteers who will happily assist them intocfs-beach the Sea!

The accommodation on the resort is very clean, every room has a level access shower, there are commode chairs and hoists available to hire.  There is Free Wifi available.cfs-shower

Ther bar has entertainment in the evenings for the residence and friends to have a lot of fun!

Sports facilities for people who want to play anything from Scuba diving,  wheelchair basketball to Wheelchair Rugby.  If you want to go out on a handbike, this is also possible.

Enjoy day trips to places like Rome, Boat Trips or visit the lovely Garden of Ninfa which again is all completely accessible.  The owners have an adapted bus so be asDancing sured, it will be right for you.

Whether you're a seasoned traveller or rehabilitating and looking to build your confidence, I would truly recommend a visit.  What I found refreshing was the type of people who visited.  Some holidays resorts that provide services for people with a disability can seem a little sterile, but I can assure you, this is not one of those places.

If you are an adventerous person who likes to go out and experience the local hospitality, you must visit San Felice Circeo as there are a number of lovely restaurants and bars.  In the evening you can take a long push or walk down the front and enjoy the cool sea breeze.

Why not take a bottle of wine and sit by the sea to watch the world float by and feel like you really are on relaxing holiday, watching the sunset slowly draw an end to another lovely day at Centro Ferie Salvatore.

San Felice Circeo sunset

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