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Welcome to this first blog for property owners of accessible accommodation, where we are discussing our first Top Tip  – How to maximise the search engine optimisation of your accessible accommodation.

When someone types in the words ‘accessible accommodation’ for instance into a search engine like Google, what are the links that come up.

Have a look.

accessible accommodation

Does your property feature on the first page, No! Well that’s where we want to see it. There are a series of simple steps you can take, using our tools, to improve your search engine optimisation (SEO).

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • When you write an article describing the property, think about a keyword or phrase that you want to use, like ‘accessible’ or ‘disabled access’.
  • Make sure the keyword is something that you have found your customers have regularly typed into Google to find your property. If you don’t know what this is, ask them.
  • Use this keyword or phrase throughout the article, especially in the header, the first paragraph and at the end.
  • If you insert a picture into the article make sure it has the keyword as its attribute. You can find this by clicking on the image and adding the attribute.

Search engine optimisation is a growing area of competition. Having your property on the first page, by just typing in keywords like ‘accessible accommodation’ instantly maximises your properties potential globally.

Hope you found this first blog useful.

We will be discussing how to affectively use our free customer tools in future blogs. We have lots more to share with you.



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