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Why make accommodation accessible in 2009?

The tourist industry in the UK is heading towards a tough summer.  The competition is going to be very strong and price is not going to be the sole factor.

Those accommodation owners who had the foresight to make their property ‘inclusive’ rather than exclusive are going to be winners.  Thousands of disabled people in the UK will continue to travel away from home.  However, with the Euro being so strong, will they want to stay in the UK?

The question is whether or not UK travellers are willing to pay higher prices than last year to travel in Europe and be guaranteed good weather or spend a little less and go somewhere in the UK and hope for good whether?

For example, Spain in 2009 is far more advanced than most UK resorts when it comes to accessibility as well as the hiring service of accessible aides.  Turkey has a number of initiatives and looks very promising going forward. France has great accommodations but the provision of accessible aides is still very basic where it exists.  Portugal is an excellent country but comes at a price and is only going to get more expensive.

Stephen Pritchard MD of accessatlast says “We have experienced a very cold winter and as the old saying goes, “cold winter, warm summer”, so this may well turn out to be a fantastic summer in the UK.  With the Dollar and Euro strengthening and interest rates at all time low, this is a great opportunity for UK property owners to take advantage of the accessible tourist market.”