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Wheelchair for the Beach

These two are the most amazing powered wheelchairs you will ever come across, the versitile Frontier X5 and the new Extreme X8 a genuine four wheel drive.

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The Frontier X5 is unlike any other mid - wheel drive power chair you will ever see. Not only is it the perfect chair for the home with a turning circle of 21.5"(turning on its own axsis),its outdoor capabilities far surpass the competition.Sand,snow,mud, and gravel prove no challenge for the Frontier. The precision handling combines our powerful mid - wheel drive system with state of the art technology. Making the Frontier X5 the most versatile chair you could have.

The all new  Extreme X8 is the ultimate 4 wheel drive power chair. Primarily an outdoor chair, the X8 will take you places you`ve only dreamed about. From the softest sand on the beach to the rugged woods, the X4 has been taking users to places they never thought possible for 15 years. The patented passive steering system makes driving through sand,snow,mud, and rough terrain part of the user`s typical day. With the Extreme X8 from All Terrain Wheelchairs, go where other wheelchair users have never gone before.