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Touring Scotland in a wheelchair

Blessed with the hottest week of the summer 2003 the Accessatlast team set off to invesigate hotels which we had been advised had suitable disabled facilities for independent wheelchair users.

The tour started at the Warkwork House Hotel in Warkwork a beautiful village on the North East coast only 30 miles from Newcastle. Once through the slightly challenging car park entrance there were no issues entering or moving around the hotel. The owner converted two rooms several years ago and assures us he can arrange to provide almost any accessories (hoists etc) given adequate notice.

Day 2 saw us heading for Glasgow to visit an old friend before travelling on day 3 to Gleneagles. As you would expect the facilities at Gleneagles are fabulous but after a tour of the rooms and a light lunch we moved on to Carnoustie. The Carlogie House Hotel is situated just outside the village of Carnoustie. The disabled access rooms are purpose built with their own parking just to the side of the original main building. There is a small walled courtyard which adds to the almost french chateau feel of the place. The food was exquisite and extremely reasonably priced and the staff very helpful.

Day 4 we travelled round the coast to Nairn pausing at Faserburgh for a delicious Orkney ice cream. The Covenanters is about 2 miles from Nairn in a quiet village location. Day 5 we travelled to John O'Groats the blinding sunshine of the rest of the journey being swapped for mist as soon as we passed Brora. We stopped at the Castle Arms at Mey which is just a few miles from John O'Groats and next to Castle Mey - one of the Queen Mother's residences. We spent the night huddled in jumpers and ringing our sweltering families down south to gloat.

Day 6 was to be the longest leg of our journey which took us south (inevitably) to the Isle of Glencoe near Fort William. The hotel is delightfully situated at the edge of Glencoe on Loch Leven. We stayed for a couple of nights venturing out to the Pier Head Hotel to sample their excellent local seafood.There is a very scenic and accessible 1.5 mile treck through the forest which takes you onto a trout lake that is fully accessible for wheelchairs of all types. Day tickets are available.

We enjoyed our trip and would certainly recommend it! We have since found more hotels, maybe we should go on another trip ...