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The Oxford Elevate Hoist – lifting and transferring aid for the disabled

The Oxford Elevate is an innovative new hoist, designed to improve lifting for both the user and the assistant. It provides comfort and is compact and sturdy, with an SWL of 440 lbs. This hoist can be used with or without a weigh scale; the scale being cleverly integrated into the hoist with a fantastic digital display and user friendly controls.

The Oxford Elevate has several special features integrated into its design which makes lifting as comfortable as possible for the user:

The knee pads are specially designed for ease of use and can be adjusted with one hand. These pads have a range of settings, providing comfort just where you need it most. A safety belt can be used to secure either one leg individually, two legs simultaneously or two legs independent of each other and the foot tray is angled just right, providing comfort for the legs, ankles and feet whilst transferring the user.