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The Oxford Calibre bariatric hoist

The Oxford Calibre is an ergonomically designed, electronically operated patient lift for the safe lifting of heavy or bariatric patients. Sturdy and robust, the Calibre has a massive safe working load of 386 kg/60 st.

Key Features:
- 386 kg/60 st safe working load
- Ergonomic design
- Integrated patient weigh-scale
- Powered leg positioning
- Stretcher options

6-Point Cradle
The large, open cradle ensures greater comfort for the patient.

Integrated Weigh-scale
The Calibre is supplied with a low-profile digital weigh-scale. Easy to use, with intuitive controls, the digital weigh-scale is ideal for patient monitoring.

Powered Leg Positioning
The powered base allows the legs to be opened and closed to allow easy access around armchairs, wheelchairs and other obstacles without the need for bending or twisting.

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