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The best mobile hoist for patients at home or away


Why buy 2 hoists for a service when they only need 1?

If a service user needs a hoist they don’t just need it at home. Many hoists are not portable and effectively confine the service user to their home.  

The Molift Smart portable hoist is portable, reliable and easy to use.  Whether used in the home, taken on day excursions or used when visiting friends or attending medical appointments, this unique hoist assists support staff to lift service users.

It’s exceptionally easy to put together and take apart making it simple to transport in a vehicle. 

The Molift Smart isn’t the cheapest mobile hoist on the market but it offers unique benefits. Its portablility and the fact it can be transported with the service user means you may only need to provide one hoist rather than two. 

Make life accessible for your service users; give them a hoist that enables them to enjoy life.

Visit to watch our video demonstration.   

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