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Supplying services to our customers are to launch a world-wide survey to find out what their customers want in more detail, to ensure that they continue to develop the services no-one else is are focused on their customers and what their customers want.

Over the coming months they intend to launch various new services that will take them nearer Stephen's vision of a one-stop shop for people with physical challenges who want to go on holiday, attend business meetings and travel, but have specific requirements that need to be met to ensure they can have a comfortable stay.

Stephen's vision and determination stems from his own frustration at having to go to business meetings at venues that did not cater for him. He stayed at many hotels and venues advertising disabled facilities but the reality was often very different. was created to ensure others did not need to share his experiences.

In order to fulfill this vision need you, their customer, to let them know what you need. To develop these services they need to know what it is you want! This is your chance to change society! Complete the survey and work with accessatlast to transform disabled services.Click on Survey 2004 in the left hand column and start taking control.