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Still Remembered Grave Tending Services

A quite unique service to the community has been recently started for the West Midlands & Warwickshire areas of the U.K specifically designed to help those who are unable to look after the graves of their friends or loved ones themselves.

The company – Still Remembered Grave Tending Services - has been set up by Michael Novakovic a father of 2 from Coventry after hearing of the plight of his niece who was having difficulties in finding someone to look after the grave of a close relative whilst she was seriously ill and unable to care for the grave herself.
After advertising both locally and on the internet, enquiries and orders have started to come in from local people, other areas of the U.K, and also from people living abroad who have friends or family buried locally.
He said “This is a service designed to help those that need it most. The elderly, the sick or disabled, and is also beneficial for people who have moved away from the area and who may have relatives or friends buried locally but have nobody to help care for the graves. The service is even designed for people who just struggle to find the time themselves through family, work or business commitments”.
Mike’s company has recently achieved national recognition by being voted a ‘regional winner’ for the West Midlands in the HSBC Startup Stars business competition – the competition is run in association with the Daily Express newspaper and Sky News to recognise new and innovative entrepreneurial talent and ideas.
Mike also currently advertises a floral tribute delivery service as well as the grave tending service and feels that this additional option is also a benefit to people who want to mark a special day such as a birthday or anniversary – especially those living away from the area.
He said “The option for people to have a delivery in their absence of a special floral arrangement, a wreath or even just a bunch of flowers on a day of their choice, has been commented on by others as an excellent idea”

Mike can be contacted via his website:  or by telephone on: 024 76590924 / 0797 0159085