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Sling to aid with lifting and standing for the disabled

The Molift Quick Raiser 2 is a fantastic tool for those who depend on a sling to get from a sitting to a standing position and vice versa. This sling does just that, helping the user up and forward into a natural standing position that mimics the human body. This lift and combined sling provides an efficient, comfortable and safe lift from anywhere in the home, whether it be from a bed, a chair or a toilet seat.

The Molift Quick Raiser 2 is much more efficient than the Quick Raiser 1, as it has electrical legs that can be adjusted, allowing it to get closer to the user, whilst still maintaining a small overall size. The new knee pads are much more comfortable and can be adjusted accordingly. These new features means that the Molift Quick Raiser 2 is able to give the most secure and efficient lift possible.