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Reunited Atlast - Rita and Bill after 50 years!

Here is the extraordinary story of a love kept alive for 50 years. All that time ago I became engaged to Bill whom I loved dearly. For the very trivial reason that he smoked, I broke the engagement off - I really could not stand the smell! After that, we both married someone else and Bill and his wife immigrated to Canada. Many years went by with absolutely no contact between us at all, apart from news from mutual friends.

In 1992 my husband died and a few years later I wrote my annual letter to the mutual friends saying that I wondered what my life would have been like had Bill not smoked. Eventually these friends went on holiday to Canada and spent a few days with Bill and his family and mentioned that I had written to them and what I had said.

Some time went by and then on April 3rd 2004 I had a phone call from him in Canada and we talked for a long time. It was obvious to us both that things had not changed in those many years. Everything just fell into place as though the 50 years had never been. Since then we have e-mailed each other and phoned and during a visit by him to the UK to show his sons where he was born etc. we had a long weekend in a Hotel.

This was the happiest time of our lives and made us realise that our feelings for each other are the same now, as they were when we became engaged all those years ago.Bill is not a very well man and needs disabled accommodation.

Through Stephen Pritchard at his website ‘Accessatlast’ we were given personal attention to find somewhere suitable. Everything was perfect and we had lovely weekend, both feeling happier than we had ever been before. Bill returned to Canada on the 28th May, the weekend after our time together. He was very unhappy about leaving and said that that would be the last time we would meet, although we would continue to keep in touch by phone and e-mail.

On the lst June, three days after arriving home, he telephoned me to say that he had told the family that he was leaving to come back to England and live with me. He felt that it was the right thing to do now as he was merely existing over there and he wanted to be here with me.

Obviously there were many things to be sorted out but in the end, on 20th July he arrived at Heathrow and was picked up there by one of my daughters and brought over here to Stowmarket. Naturally, it is taking a while to get completely settled because there is so much work to be done on our home. However, we are very happy and we are so grateful to be given the chance to spend the rest of our lives together.

We really thought that we would never meet again – how wrong we were! We have talked for hours, re-living the past, and we both believe that, because of the setting and standard of the accommodation that was organised for us by Stephen Pritchard of Accessatlast, we were given the weekend of our dreams.

This, we are sure, was the sound basis for what has happened since then.We are neither of us young at all, Bill is 73 and I am 72, but love is a wonderful thing and we hope that anyone reading this will feel as happy for us as we do for ourselves. We are hoping for a decent period of time together to make up for all the years we have missed.