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Nomad Wheelchairs - Sources, Second Hand Wheelchairs for Children in Kenya

Nomad wheelchairs have been very busy since their launch at Naidex, in April 2009 and their new wheelchair, the mrk1 is becoming increasingly popular.

Since their launch in April, Nomad have made many new friends and have also been very active in the community, sending several second-hand wheelchairs out to a children’s home in Kenya, and organising charity events.

Two events that have been very well received are the fundraiser gig that took place in West Wales on 14th August, and the 12,000 foot sky dive, taking place on 5th September. Both events are raising money for spinal injuries research.

For more information on Nomad’s recent activities, visit their Facebook site. If you want to book a demonstration, receive a brochure or would like details on any other information, please contact Nomad on their website: or call 08704 874 674.