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Mar Y Sol - No Smoking due to Anti-smoking legislation came into force in Spain on 1st January 2006

SMOKING FORBIDDEN!Anti-smoking legislation came into force in Spain on 1st January 2006

(Spanish law 28/2005 from 26th of December). Smoking in public areas is not now permitted)

Smoking is not allowed in Hotel Mar y Sol in the following areas:

1. In the restaurant (indoor area)
2. In the therapy centre “Teralava” including the panorama terrace on level 8
3. In the buildings “Casa Barcelona” and “Casa Madrid”
i.e. in all superior apartments, premium apartments, superior studios and comfort rooms including balconies and terraces
4. In all standard apartments and studios with a non-smoking sign
5. In the reception hall
6. In the library
7. In the sun-bathing area between the two big pools
8. In all public toilets and changing rooms

Violations of this law will be penalized by high fines. Smokers who break this law are committing a serious offence and can be fined up to 10.000,00 Euros. This announcement will permit any guest who feels bothered by smoking to lodge a formal complaint.

Should anyone smoke in a designated non-smoking accommodation unit, the hotel management will charge the offending guest the following costs for the special cleaning required (bedclothes, curtains etc.): Studio or comfort room – 190,00 Euros Apartment – 270,00 Euros


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