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Joseph Patrick Trust Funding- How to apply for mobility equipment grants

Accessatlast limited is a supplier of Molift Smart Hoists to the JPT (Joseph Patrick Trust funding) a scheme for disabled people with muscular dystrophy.

The Molift smart hoist is the preferred portable hoist for dependent people with mobility issues wanting to travel away from home and require lifting and handling equipment.

Grants from the Joseph Patrick Trust are only available to individuals affected by neuromuscular conditions; applicants also have to live in the United Kingdom to be considered. The Trust doesn't offer a huge amount of money, and as noted on the organization's website, in many cases the grant won't cover the full cost of the equipment. In these cases, the Joseph Patrick Trust likely will be able to recommend other organizations that might be able to help applicants seeking further funding.

The Joseph Patrick Trust was set up in 1986 to help sufferers of neuromuscular conditions, such as muscular dystrophy. One of the Trust's chief activities is to award grants which can be put towards purchasing equipment, including electric wheelchairs and other essential items such as electric beds.

JPT Grant appplication guidelines

How to apply to the Joseph Patrick trust for A Molift smart:

You can apply online with their simple online form or download the form and send it in the post.

Post to the following address:

Joseph Patrick Trust
Muscular Dystrophy Campaign
61 Southwark Street
London SE1 0HL

Telephone 020 7803 4814