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Ceiling hoist installation

A ceiling hoist installation by Molift Hi-Trac is small, discrete and strong. It is supplied in 2 versions for 2 weight classes, with and without motor drive for 160kg / 25st and 300kg / 48st. It is battery-operated and is charged through it's hand control. Hi-Trac is secured against skewed lifts.

The stationary ceiling hoist is available with suspension units of various width which makes it easy to adjust to the user and lifting situations. Molift Hi-Trac is equipped with automatic service notification.
All Molift slings for passive patient lifts and Molift Stretcher are compatible with Molift Hi-Trac and scales are also available.
The hoists consists of integrated software which calculates when a service is required. It is also possible to retrieve data about lifter usage patterns. Molift Hi-Trac is equipped with electronic overload protection, electrical emergency lowering and emergency stop. The lifter is operated by an environmentally friendly NiMH batteries.

We would be delighted to visit your premises and evaluate your requirements, call 01772 814555 or 07970 958684 and we'll arrange a visit.