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Best accessible holiday in Blarney, Co. Cork. Wheelchair accessible B&B

Hi Access at Last,
Have wanted to do a review of Sunnyside B&B Blarney, Southern Ireland ever since we returned from a wonderful week in May but had problems finding your e-mail - hopeless at finding our way around the computer!
Just want to say how fantastic it is to find people who understand the needs of folk who are wheelchair bound and go out of their way to help make it a real holiday for everyone.  Mary and Eamon had their hands full with two people in wheelchairs, one slightly more mobile than the other but only just.  We are a group of eight (4 couples) who have spent a holiday together every year for the last 11 years - all over the continent.  This year we are having three holidays together - Ireland, Portugal and Denmark in September.
What a lovely time we had at Blarney (we had to excuse the weather!).  The breakfast was brilliant - loads of choice and of the best quality and really well cooked - my husband pronounced the full breakfast 'the best ever'.  (mind you he is rarely given the opportunity at home, but I had to agree with him).  Mary and Eamon made us feel completely at home and Eamon even took two of our party to the pub one evening to hear the local music (fantastic time).  Eamon also beat Mary (our wheelchair Scrabble wizard) at her own game one night.
They told us about the Blairs Inn for dinner (where again we had a wonderful welcome and visited several times).  We came away so impressed with Irish hospitality - real hospitality not just lip-service.and all the help and comfort we could possibly wish for.
Sunnyside Blarney should be booked up all year - the price is fantastic, the welcome is fantastic, the cooking is fantastic - what more does anyone need.  We can't recommend it highly enough and we should love to return.
Hope you print some of this.
Best regards
Penny and Peter Satchell and friends.

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