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Aidingmobility working for the disabled motorist!

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Aiding Mobility really care about your mobility needs. Aiding Mobility has evolved following three years of research into the motoring needs of drivers, in particular the unique needs of disabled drivers. Our research has resulted in a range of mobility products and services, which we believe are the most attractive in the marketplace.

The concept behind Aiding Mobility is very simple, the products detailed on this website are of benefit to every type of motorist and are supplied at competitive prices by industry leading service providers. These companies have agreed that in addition to providing quality products, they will, upon completion of any purchase pass on a "royalty" to the charity specified by the purchaser. These royalties can be as much as £35.00 depending on the product purchased.

The products we offer are ideal for all drivers and particularly suitable for disabled drivers. They include roadside assistance, vehicle warranty, vehicle finance, replacement vehicle insurance, tyre insurance, key insurance, MOT insurance & Vehicle servicing.

On Aiding Mobility, you will also find specialist sections dedicated to helping the disabled including a discussion forum and articles for disabled persons section. Here you will be able to find information about a wide range of topics and issues and get in contact with other disabled persons so that you can share your experiences.

To obtain details of the products available simply click on any of the headings on the left hand side.

Aiding Mobility is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. This can be checked on the FSA's website at