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Derby health trust missing 60,000 medical items

Some 60,000 pieces of medical equipment are missing in Derby, health officials bosses have revealed.

NHS Derby City PCT said £1.5m worth of items, including wheelchairs, crutches, hoists and beds, have been loaned to patients and not been returned.

Jill Collinson, the trust's Director of Engagement, said in most cases people had forgotten they had the equipment.

She appealed for patients or their relatives to return the equipment to the trust.

Ms Collinson said: "When people are sick and being cared for in hospital or in the community, they often need specialist bits of equipment.

"When they're better, or unfortunately when some people pass away, families are clearly either very pleased that the person's got better or they're grieving.

"It's really the last thing on their minds [to give the medical equipment back.]

"If they are hanging on to things that they've just forgotten about, it means that we can clean it, restore it, maintain it and it can go out and help other people who need the equipment now."

Ms Collinson said the trust had contacted about half of the people who had items and was working to improve its method of tracking its equipment.