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Property Code : 878

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Sleeps: 6 (Self-Catering)

Prices From: £45.00 to £55.00
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  • Level Access Shower
  • Electric Beds


Services Available

Adaptions Available

Wheel In Shower

Air Con

Electric Beds


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Door Width gggcm

There is a lift available with a door width of cm and a depth of cm.

Total no. of bedrooms with ensuite [127]
Total no. of bedrooms without ensuite [127]
Total no. of accessible bathrooms [127]

Room types available :

Bedroom doorway width 4444cm.
Height of lowest bed (floor to top of mattress) 444444cm.
Distance between floor and bottom of bed base 444444444444cm.
Bathroom doorway width 44cm
Height of lowest toilet (from floor to seat) 444cm
Height of highest toilet (from floor to seat) 44cm



Distance to Town : 44


Airport :
Flight Time:

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